basic about me

hello!! im milo :) this is my very very own website, just about me, since you might know me at heianalien or freiheit web, so i thought id make a main website about myself. i like to browse the internet und deutsch lernen (and learn german), i adore rhythm games (specifically osu!, project sekai, osu!mania, musedash, ADOFAI & phigros to name some), i also really like listening to music and reading when im not on my computer, I LOVE MY COMPUTER!!!!!!!! but yeah theres alot of things that i enjoy besides my computer but they mostly reside on my computer..umm...yeah but i swear im a cool guy. im a little bit of a loser considering i stay in all day and if not at school my main form of communication is discord and such but ignore that!!!! i really like needy streamer overload as you can see but i also really like watamote and lucky star and everything like that. im not that good at talking to people so if you want to talk to me then have caution please beware!!!! :(( oh im also diagnosed adhd and hypermobility and i might be autistic?? i dont know honestly.

ive never been one to focus on sharing all of my personal information like my identity or all of my diagnoseses (oops, i kinda did that above but oh well) because it kind of seemed redundant, especially since not very nice people are on the internet and giving away stuff that politically incorrect people can pester you about isnt the smartest idea, no offense to anyone that displays that, just something to think about! but besides that, i hope you enjoy the site! :)

extra stuff